One year further education

Systemic CreativCoach

Leading coaching processes to success with creativity, dynamics, intuition and visualizations.
Most coaching processes in individual or group settings rely on language as the tool of choice. From our point of view, this wastes potential solutions. Coaching occasions are usually characterized by complexity and dynamics. And by emotions. They can be accurately captured and processed in pictures and scenes. That is why we complement the language-based methodology of business coaching with the repertoire of art and drama therapy.
In this further training to become a systematic CreativeCoach, we not only impart knowledge and action competencies for creative methodology. Rather, we focus on developing an attitude with the participants that is conducive to coaching processes.

Our training program is aimed at people who…
have leadership tasks.
are responsible for personnel development in companies.
(want to) advise and train other people professionally.
are active in adult education.
work as art or theater therapists.

Our learning community includes…
8 to 16 participants

Duration: 12 months

Scope: 3 modules

Times: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00

Certificate of Completion:
The certificate of completion is issued by the
III (Institute for Theater Therapy in Berlin) and Wilhelm Seidel Unternehmensberatung

Course fees:

Direction: Wilhelm Seidel

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Open seminars

The range of seminars on offer gives you access to a variety of possibilities, opportunities and perspectives. In these seminars, the participants’ ability to perceive, judge, decide and implement is activated – they learn to further develop their entrepreneurial competence and leadership behavior.

In all seminars, we work with experience and resource-oriented methods that activate the action potential of the participants and do not only start with verbal and rational understanding. Through creative and innovative forms of work, unused potential is activated, old, hindering patterns of thought and action are replaced by new ideas and solutions, and professional, personal and social competence is expanded.

In principle like art

Applied creativity: New ways to innovative solutions and strategies

Duration: 2 days
Price: on request
Dates: on request
Target group: everyone in whose work creativity is important, limited to a maximum of 12 participants

Finding creative solutions is increasingly becoming the decisive success factor for both individuals and companies.
In this seminar you will learn methods to activate creativity potentials and to recognize, circumvent or productively use creativity blockers in individuals as well as in teams.
The basis for the development of creative synergies is the creation of a creativity-promoting work attitude and work atmosphere, the development and implementation of which you will practically test in your everyday professional life. Participants learn to activate the creativity potential of the right brain hemisphere in particular through body- and imagination-oriented exercises. By working with images, in business games as well as in the application of practical tasks, they practice concrete strategies for innovative solutions and the development of visions. The coaching concept helps participants to exchange ideas and develop their competencies in the protected environment of the seminar group.

Communication training

Tools for topic-centered work in group meetings

Duration: 1 day



Target group: specialists and managers, limited to a maximum of 12 participants

Everyone has experienced meetings that don’t start on time, whose actual topic is only insufficiently dealt with, whose targeted end is exceeded and which are actually no longer meetings because they serve as a stage for the monologues of a few and the other participants lean back bored. What remains at the end is annoyance and anger, because the topic was missed and a desired result was not achieved.

In the Communication Training seminar, participants learn to use tools that serve topic-centered work and are conducive to self-organization. They practice working together in and between groups using the methods of “goal and task oriented approach”.

Leading and following

Tools for managers

Duration: 2 days
Price: on request
Dates: on request
Target group: junior managers and executives, limited to a maximum of 12 participants

In the seminar Leading and Following, participants experience the examination of attitudes and interpersonal relationships in leadership behavior, projects and development processes. They deal with their goals, their energy, but also with conscious and unconscious blockades. They practice “working on the system and not in the system”.
Authenticity and access to the forces driving action – the alignment of inner driving forces, personal visions and skills with the task as a leader.

Feedback and conflict training

Consciously experiencing self-perception and perception of others

Duration: 2 days
Price: EUR
Dates: on request
Target group: Professionals and managers, limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

For those who are often in the center of attention, both internally and externally, the “effect on other people” as well as the exchange of personal feedback is particularly important.
In the Feedback Training seminar, participants learn to focus their perception on the relationship level and recognize the influence their behavior has on others. The workshop is aimed at people who want to learn more about their effect on others and serves personal development. The goal of the workshop is to give personal feedback in such a way that it is perceived and accepted as helpful by interlocutors. During the feedback training, you will discuss the effects of your behavior and approach with the other participants. Conversational techniques will be taught to help you access your own and others’ emotional worlds.
Acquired judgments about your own weaknesses and strengths shape your self-image and your individual form of acting and communicating externally. Often, however, one’s own assessment does not match the external perception, which inevitably leads to misunderstandings and conflicts. However, the assessments of personal strengths and weaknesses are usually not conscious, but are physically visible and communicated non-verbally. This is where our training comes in: Participants experience awareness of their personal self-image, they examine their own prejudices and develop clear forms of communication. They work on sensitizing their own patterns of interaction in contact with others and in a group. They rehearse the possibilities of getting involved, setting themselves apart, initiating group processes and helping to shape them.

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