An artistic form of therapy that uses creative processes to create new access to existing resources and make new possibilities for action visible.

In my work in management as well as in consulting, I repeatedly encountered people with psychological problems and systems (families, organizations, companies …), which mutually influence each other and can thus be seen as the cause of “disturbances” in the person or in the system. At the end of the 90’s I discovered drama therapy as a method revealing these relationships and opening up new perspectives. I trained as a theater therapist at the Institute for Applied Research at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg and have been working in theater therapy with individuals, groups and organizations for many years. What I particularly appreciate about this form of therapeutic work is that the creative and systemic approach considers the whole person, including his or her physical means of expression as well as his or her connections in space and time. Many clients enthusiastically rediscover possibilities to take their lives into their own hands and to shape them. Even people who have been in therapy for many years report with joy that it was theater therapy that enabled them to find ways of positive development.

How theater helps the company

What distinguishes the art form of theater? What happens on stage?
There, basic human constellations are shown in a corporate context and fundamental existential questions are asked.

Images are found as an expression for these topics and they are played with, also with the “unspoken” ACTUAL state and the “most unimaginable” visions.
The theater shows their existence and a way to live with them by playing with them, turning them into action.

The meaning of classical Greek theater was catharsis, literally the “purification” of life-damaging/impairing affects, and it takes place when these existential questions are admitted and find tangible, visible expression.
Artistic staging and design requires giving experiences a new form, transforming them and turning them into PLAY, as a counter-image to rigidity and “encrustation”.
The theater play touches the soul of the company and sets impulses for the concrete further work in the company.
The theater play is staged by the employees of the company themselves in order to achieve a high degree of authenticity. The employees play the observable “role behavior” of their colleagues or their own “roles in the company”.

If the aim is to explore the “sand in the gears”, to make communication flows transparent, to make blockages visible, to develop strategies for the future and to recognize opportunities or risks in implementation, then theater play is a creative and playful “fun” way of working and is thus an important component of organizational and personnel development.


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