Organisational/personnel development

Design of development and change processes

An essential characteristic of the entrepreneurial events of our time is the constant change, partly dictated from outside, e.g. by the market, partly caused from within by the necessity for innovation.

The “change management” approach is based on the assumption that change is not tolerated or suffered, but actively shaped and managed. Leadership in these change processes requires a special kind of communication. Success depends very much on whether and how employees can be won over to active participation.

Information and participation in the activities relevant to them must be ensured at the right time and in an appropriate manner.

In this context, increasing demands are made on management and employees in organisations.
Are strengths and resources used sensibly?
What added value do management and employees bring, and how can improvements be achieved there?

The consulting services offered by Wilhelm Seidel Unternehmensberatung provide you with access to a wide range of possibilities, opportunities and perspectives.

In supervision/coaching and training processes
the perceptual,
the judgment,
the decision-making and
the ability to implement
of the participants is activated. In a supportive change of perspective the participants are invited to reflect on their function and their role perception in the organisation – they learn to develop their competence and their behaviour.

Executive Coaching
Opportunities and risks of the company, the initial situation and bottlenecks are analysed
The wishes, visions and goals of the client are developed

The client gains orientation and overview through the coaching! The goals to be achieved are realised with the inclusion of resources and constructive participation of the client. By using CCP – Creating Creative Process and WiN – ways of innovative reorientation, the corporate culture, corporate identity and corporate philosophy can be consciously shaped!

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