Self- and co-responsibility for
the whole are the guiding principles

Self- and co-responsibility for
the whole are the guiding principles

Our Competence

We support companies in setting up management and communication structures as well as in the development of strategic goals, in the integration of new cultures as a result of mergers/acquisitions, in the design of development/change processes, in personnel work, in recruiting and outplacement.

The human being is the center of attention

The focus of our work is the human being with his actions, because living in organizations also means working in constantly changing groupings. Our goal is to give impulses to initiate development processes in organizations and to keep them moving.

Instruments and methods

We provide instruments and methods that – when used consciously – increase the efficiency and effectiveness of managers, promote cooperation and serve to control development processes.


Based on a comprehensive situation analysis, concrete goals are set with the decision-makers and the consulting concept is developed and implemented. Awareness-raising measures and development steps are initiated in concrete terms.

Expanding the skills

Work structures in the form of seminars, workshops, group and individual coaching turn those affected into participants. Within these structures the participants find support, learning and experimental fields that enable them to form and expand their skills.

The working method is a systemic one with experience- and resource-oriented methods that activate the participants’ potential for action and do not only focus on verbal and rational understanding.

Through creative and innovative forms of work, unused potential can be activated and old, obstructive patterns of thought and action can be replaced by new ideas and solutions.