Outplacement consulting

Shape the future!

“The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change.” (Albert Einstein).

This insight applies equally to companies and organizations under “pressure to act” as well as to employees affected by downsizing measures.

• If staff reduction measures are planned, employees who have been released are supported in their job search.
• Profiling of individual employees up to the development of a personal application strategy.
• Development of alternative professional future scenarios.
• Development of meaningful and presentable application documents.
• Preparation of clients for job interviews.
• Reflection on job interviews and coaching to improve behavior in job interviews.
• Preparation for assessment centers.
• If successful, preparation for the new task in the future work environment.
• If entire departments or business units are affected, employees are coached in job application training.
• Role identification and stabilization of the remaining employees in order to maintain or restore their ability to perform.
• Using CCP – Creating Creative Process and WiN – Ways of Innovative Reorientation, new perspectives can be opened up and developments actively shaped.

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