Innovation and strategy consulting

Market, brand and marketing for tomorrow!

Shaping the future with creative and artistic methods.

The fundamental motivation for innovations lies in the optimization of products or services (properties) or the optimization of production and business processes (processes).

With increasing interchangeability of products and functional services, the service offering as well as psychological product dimensions and product design increasingly play a supporting and differentiating role.

Through the conscious design of innovation processes and the use of creativity techniques, new, unconventional ideas and problem-solving approaches can emerge.

With the participation of the client in creative group processes

• Analysis of the ACTUAL situation
• Development of innovation goals
• Description of innovation phases
• Role identification in the innovation management process
• Strategy development
• Development of marketing strategies and corporate design

Using CCP – Creating Creative Process and WiN – Ways of Innovative Reorientation, new perspectives can be opened and developments can be actively shaped.

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