What clients and participants from of well-known international companies such as Air Liquide, Siemens, Stihl etc. but also from smaller companies say!

For Example the following statements:

“To arrange uncomfortable topics and to bring thereby most different participants together, without leaving thereby ever the role of the neutral mediator or to hurt even the personal ?protective atmosphere? of a participant, Wilhelm Seidel creates this and releases each participant with its personal success experience.“

“It was amazing how much I learned about myself within these few seminar days. This was only possible through the creation of appropriate framework conditions combined with the personal and social competence of the trainer. The balance between seminar requirements/expectations on the one hand and the freedom to exchange personal experiences on the other created a climate for constructive personal development.“

“The seminars I attended with Mr. Wilhelm Seidel were characterized by his careful leadership. The seminars focused on processes of self-awareness, which still have a lasting effect on my behaviour towards myself and my fellow human beings today.“

“I experienced the feedback training as extremely intensive and personally helpful. The success of the training was based on parallel active structures (learning groups), a targeted control based on the individual success of the training and clear, implementable feedback that led to a high level of acceptance among the participants. Mr. Wilhelm Seidel was very successful in observing and constructively using the moods that developed during the group processes.
Conclusion: “An absolutely recommendable workshop, especially for managers”.

“The rapid growth of our company and the resulting organisational changes require a number of development measures, from individual coaching of our managers to corresponding training of entire teams. For these important tasks we have found a reliable partner in Wilhelm Seidel Unternehmensberatung, whom we trust even when dealing with difficult problems.“

“Especially in a leadership position in international cooperation, it is important to know the external impact of one’s personality. This helps immensely to be able to adapt to a partner in order to work together even more successfully on this basis. Things that have become a matter of course for us through education or imprinting in our respective companies are not dependent on the other person and the respective situation. The course series ‘Feedback for Executives I and II’ expands the view of oneself and others. All in all a refreshing experience.”

“Mr. Seidel has helped me to objectify and solve a problem.”

References in China

Willi is very attentive to participant‘s needs and always be at the presen to adjust. Plus, very creative, integrated the contents with different culture.

Hua Cuo

The German drama therapist Wilhelm Seidel gives a different training than what I know from China. Body and mind are activated. Not only the cognitive knowledge is demanded but also the contact between heart and head is brought into relation.

Space inspections for confidence building but also for the exploration of one’s own space in the outer space are set in motion.

We experience the dramatic reality in which the participants move in changing imagined landscapes, transforming themselves from humans to animals, into other beings and into different roles. This expands perception and creativity.

Participants are invited to explore the stages of their lives. This happens with the use of body and voice, is initially staged by everyone themselves and finally brought onto the stage by the group. I become a viewer and witness of my own life.

Wilhelm Seidel motivates us participants not to evaluate the event but rather to accept it in a value-free and at the same time appreciative way. We are challenged to discover our resources and potentials.

I leave this workshop enriched with the topic “Personal Myth”. I feel very happy at the end of the workshop, I have received a more intensive and appreciative access to myself, which gives me strength for the future and I am very grateful to the trainer Wilhelm Seidel for this gift.

In the end I was proud of my participation certificate.

Zhu Xiaoli

Directory of coaching seminar/workshop participants and clients from the following companies and organizations:

ADASYS GmbH in Kornwestheim

AIR LIQUIDE GmbH in Düsseldorf

Aircabin GmbH in Laupheim

Akademie für Computertraining in Kornwestheim

Akademie für Neue Medien in Ludwigsburg

ALLWEILER AG in Radolfzell

ANDREAS STIHL AG & CO. KG. in Waiblingen

Apollo Education in China

Badenwürttembergische-Bank AG in Leipzig

BAZ gGmbH in Esslingen

BEBI GmbH in Stuttgart

Bewag Aktiengesellschaft in Berlin

BIP GmbH in München

Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG in Radeberg

Cor|On|Med Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum in Ludwigsburg

Curtis-Systems GmbH in Hochheim/Main

DaimlerChrysler AG in Stuttgart

DAS WERK AG in Frankfurt/Ludwigsburg

Datev eG in Nürnberg

DePfa Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank AG in Stuttgart

DGfP, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung

DGfT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Theatertherapie

Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe in Dresden

Dr. Offner, Milde & Partner –Unternehmensberatung Outplacement in Stuttgart

edmPRO Consulting in Remseck

ekz. Bibliotheksservice GmbH in Reutlingen

FESTO AG in Esslingen

Film- und Medienzentrum Ludwigsburg GmbH

Fluid Service Plus GmbH in Krefeld

Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co KG in Rudersberg

Gain Hero Industrial Development Co. Ltd. in China

GULP Information Services GmbH

Hamburger Fernhochschule in Stuttgart/Hamburg

HAWESKO GmbH in Tornesch

Hermann Konz GmbH + Co. in Waiblingen

HKT Hochschule für Kunsttherapie in Nürtingen

HOMOLA AYH AG in Frankfurt am Main

IAF der Katholischen Hochschule Freiburg

ICC GmbH in Stutgart

IFBAU gGmbH in Stuttgart/Karlsruhe

INTIER Automotive Näher in Markgröningen

ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH in Hamburg

ITT Institut für Theatertherapie in Berlin

Jugendmusikschule in Ludwigsburg

Juvena Produits de Beauté GmbH in Baden-Baden

Fort- und Weiterbildung Klinikum gGmbH in Ludwigsburg

Katholische Hochschule Berlin

Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen in Berlin

Katholische Hochschule in Freiburg

Kommunale Datenverarbeitung in Stuttgart

KONZEPT Bildung und Beratung AG in Asperg

KONZ & Schaefer Ausbau GmbH in Stuttgart

Leipziger Verlags- und Druckereiges. mbH in Leipzig

Lombardkasse AG in Frankfurt am Main

Mike Flache . Creating Excellence in Stuttgart GmbH in Hamburg

MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH

Müller Natursteine GmbH in Ehningen

Multilayer Technology GmbH & Co. KG in Böblingen

MYPEGASUS Berufsbildungs GmbH in Stuttgart

ND SATCom GmbH in Friedrichshafen

OBI GmbH & Co KG in Wermelskirchen

ORIS Fahrzeugteile GmbH in Möglingen

pflegen & wohnen in Hamburg

Philip Morris GmbH in Berlin

Polynorm Grau GmbH & Co. in Schwäbisch Gmünd

Postbank Systems AG in Bonn

PTV AG in Karlsruhe/Stuttgart

Razorfish GmbH in Berlin


RINOVA GmbH in Dresden

Roth & Lorenz GmbH in Stuttgart

SCA Hygiene Products AG in München/Mannheim

SIEMENS AG in München u. weitere Standorte

Staiger GmbH & Co. KG in Erligheim

Stadtwerke Münster GmbH in Münster

Stadtwerke Walldürn in Walldürn

St. Agnes Gymnasium in Stuttgart

Studentenwerk Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe

Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt in Ludwigsburg

TLC GmbH in Frankfurt

T-Systems DeTe System GmbH in Nürnberg

Vector Informatik GmbH in Stuttgart

VIVO Communication Technology CO. Ltd. in China

Volkshochschule in Stuttgart

Westfalia-Automotive GmbH Co. KG

WPS AG in Düsseldorf

Wilde Bühne e. V. in Stuttgart

Würtembergische Versicherung AG in Stuttgart

ZinCo GmbH in Unterensingen

und private Auftraggeber*innen